About us

Being pregnant and having children can raise so many questions and needs; the task sometimes seems very challenging.

When I became a mom for the first time, I quickly came to realize that there were limited and scattered resources out there for pregnant women and kids. To get urgently needed information, I spent countless hours searching the internet, reading books and articles, asking around, and struggled to figure it all out: babysitters, places to shop, to organize birthday parties, to entertain kids…

Becoming a parent urged me to be surrounded by people sharing the same interests and needs. In turn, when my friends became parents, they often asked me for information and recommendations.

Yes, I have been there, I have looked for answers in many different places, and I have seen how hard it is to find a portal that allows simple and fast access to information and addresses related to children and maternity.

This is how Kindernity (Kinder meaning children), a platform for moms-to-be (mater-nity), parents and children, was created; a platform where all sorts of regularly needed and updated information is available. It was inspired by our kids and developed thanks to suggestions and recommendations from friends who shared their resources. Kindernity is about helping you in your greatest missions of all: being a parent and always (eter-nity) being there for your children.

Welcome to Kindernity, aimed at helping you find most of the answers in one place, to make your lives - and that of your kids - easier. Have a look around, and don't hesitate to add your building block.