Breastfeeding Seminar with Nadiya Dragan
Breastfeeding Seminar with Nadiya Dragan
This is a complete course that will prepare every pregnant couple for a successful start in breastfeeding. Every mom can have milk for her baby and most women physiologically can have enough milk for breastfeeding one baby, twins or even higher multiples! Parents just need to know HOW to do it! This will answer all of your questions and concerns!

 This seminar is a 5 hr intensive workshop on all the aspects of breastfeeding:
1) Preparation: how to prepare for it and what to arrange for at the hospital;
2) Initiation: how early to start after birth, what positions to use to make breastfeeding comfortable, how to avoid sore nipples, how often to feed in the early days of colostrum, how to know if baby is getting enough;
3) Establishing full milk supply for months to come: how often to feed, how long on each side, should we burp the baby or not, how to ensure full milk supply production and then maintain it;
4) Avoiding common problems: not enough milk, engorgement, sore nipples, colics in baby.  

A large part of the seminar is also devoted to father's role in breastfeeding. That's why this seminar is intended for couples, not mothers alone. Fathers-to-be need to know as much as their wife would do about breastfeeding so that they can support her through the process as well as participate in it. Yes, fathers can even increase milk supply for their wives and I will definitely share the knowledge as for how they can do it! 

Usually fathers-to-be feel a bit reluctant to come at first but then they enjoy the seminar greatly and they like to participate and joke with other fathers in the audience as for their experiences and how they anticipate fatherhood. Till now no one ever felt bored during my seminars :) The time flies so quickly that by the end of the session people cannot even believe it's been already 5 hours. Besides, if your  husband feels 5 hours is too much for him, he is welcome to come and stay only for as long as he likes (maybe till coffee break, for example!).

According to the national study by Batal el al. (2006), even though most women in Lebanon initiate breastfeeding after birth, only about 10% are still breastfeeding at 6 months. However, I have a different "statistics": more than 90% of women who attended my seminar and followed the guidelines presented are still exclusively breastfeeding at 6 months (even if they return to full time work right after maternity leave) and most continue breastfeeding beyond the first year! Education and support is the key to success in breastfeeding and I can assure you would so much enjoy the seminar!

Saturday 4 February, 5 hours intensive workshop
80 USD
Nadiya Dragan
Breastfeeding Counselor and Lecturer in Lebanon, Coordinator for "Human Milk 4 Human Babies" Chapter in Lebanon, Breastfeeding Expert at "Mommy's Best" NGO, Administrator of FB group "Breastfeeding in Lebanon"

Telephone: (71) 924 481