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Gebran Geahchan & fils
Gebran Geahchan & fils
Toys, baby accessories & furniture, outdoor play items, bicycles, figurines.

Gebran Geahchan & Sons SAL is Lebanon's leading distributor for baby items, and owns one of the most prestigious toys & baby care chain in the country, recently rebranded to: ChezLesPetits. Our company exclusively imports, distributes and sells extraordinary toys, figurines, bicycles and baby care products for children and grown ups. With a strong portfolio made out of some of the world's top brands, we provide our customers with a wide range of toys, figurines, bicycles, electric vehicles, juvenile products, strollers, car seats, baby accessories, newborn furniture, and outdoor items for kids.

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1. Azar building, boulevard Sainte Rita, Sin el Fil
(01) 482 369
(01) 495 674
2. Baydoun Street, Chbaro building, facing Zaatar W Zeit, Sodeco
(01) 611 486
3. Maameltein/Jounieh highway (Casino du Liban to Beirut), Naaman building, Maameltein
(09) 636 017
4. ABC Achrafieh, Level 2
(01) 216 670 
5. ABC Verdun, Level -1
(01) 802 510